Sopa de Ajo/Garlic Soup

If you saw us on Facebook we were at our friends’ restaurant Progreso Pasta. It was a cooking class. This very easy recipe was a great starter, before we got into the fresh ravioli we made, followed by pork adobo.

Sopa de Ajo/…Garlic Soup

5 cups of purified water (only if you are in Mexico, otherwise tap water)

1 whole white onion

4 carrots peeled

3 stalks of celery

1 whole chicken cut up

2 whole pods of garlic

Bring to a boil and after 30 minutes of boiling, add 2 cups of water and when it returns to a boil reduce heat to medium and cook for approximately 2 hours.

Remove all liquid and in place in a separate pan…

Add either 2 whole pods of garlic chopped finely or 6 large tablespoons of garlic already chopped from the store

Add any or all of the following fresh herbs:







2 Bay leaves

Bring to a boil for another 20 minutes

Slice bread and add cheese and toast it in the oven… (Whatever kind is your favorite. We used Gouda the day of the class)

Place toasted cheese bread in bowl and ladle in liquid.

Serve VERY HOT!!


Author: reg45

Canadian guy living part time in Progreso, Yucatan.

2 thoughts on “Sopa de Ajo/Garlic Soup”

  1. I made this for supper today. I added a dollop of heavy cream to the pot just before serving, as it seemed a little unfinished to me. Delicious!

    1. If I were doing it again, I would use strip of baked tortillas instead of the bread to make it a little lighter. Likely I would also squeeze a piece of fresh lime over it. Why not try it with different cheeses!

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