Slow Cooker Caribbean Black Bean Chili

This is a recipe from my friend, John. He was nice enough to send me home with a big bowl of it the other night. It is awesome!! Beware that it can be addictive….. thanks so much John for being so considerate, as always. I’ll have to make this for Larry when he gets back from the cold North, fer sure….


Black Beans (or any natural about 1/2 a bag) sorted and soaked overnight, drain water.

Place in slow cooker, cover with water. Liquid should be about to top after veggies are added.

Add a bay leaf, 2 chicken bouillion cubes, a can of chopped tomatoes.

Saute vegetables before adding to the cooker – Onions, a colorful pepper variety, carrots, jalapeno, celery. (As much as you like and your crockpot can hold. )

Add fresh garlic 3-4 cloves.

Add spices when veggies are a bit cooked. (Recipe calls for Jamaican Jerk seasoning). Use your favorites!

Add juice one lime, then toss all in the pot and cook on high 6 hours or til beans are done.

Taste later and adjust seasoning as you like. Spice it up if you want it spicier….



Author: reg45

Canadian guy living part time in Progreso, Yucatan.

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