Travels With My Cookbook

I am in the process of completing a recipe book with over 150 of my favourite recipes since I started the blog. It is tentatively called Travels with My Cookbook, in that it contains photos from our many trips. The question is –

Do I make it available in hard-copy or Do I make it so it can be downloaded to any computer? I have had people tell me they are not interested in having a hard copy cookbook around when they can find almost any recipe online…

If I made it available as a download would you consider buying it at a modest price via Paypal? A portion of the proceeds would be given to the local food bank here in Yucatan.

No commitments, just your thoughts would be appreciated… It has a complete index and would be in the form of a PDF file….





Author: reg45

Canadian guy living part time in Progreso, Yucatan.

14 thoughts on “Travels With My Cookbook”

  1. Hi Reg. I would definitely like it electronically. I would pay a modest price. PayPal is a great way. You may look at Kindle/ as well. I downloaded the last book you were involved with from there. Downloading electronically can also be done from anywhere. Love you guys.

    ps How’s the piano playing coming Larry?

  2. Hi Reg,
    I had been saving them in a file and yesterday did something that caused it to disappear! I may still be able to retrieve it but if not would like it electronically.

  3. Either works for me though I still like hard/soft cover too☺

    Jane Deneau│Director of Project Management│519.946.4142│

  4. For your European friends, I think getting it electronically would be best. Shipping is so expensive and then too, most of us have limited storage areas. I get most of my books on my Kindle for this reason. Wish you guys would come back to Prague for a visit.

    1. So great to hear from you! We have moved into a new house with 2.5 baths, 2 bedrooms, heated tiled pool, great outdoor terrace, fantastic kitchen…only 4 hours west of Cancun…why dont you come for a visit…or if you know of anyone who wants to houseswap for two or three weeks, wed be interested…

  5. Hi Reg,
    I would buy the download for sure . I’ve printed so many of them but the compact collection could “travel” with me wherever I decide to go. I love that you’re adding photos with the recipes.

  6. I would totally buy a download. I loved my cookbook collection but rely on the internet now. If you did both, though, it could make a beautiful print copy like the Los Dos cookbook. You would be an excellent host for meet the author book signing events.

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