Measurements Simplified

First of all I want to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

2015-12-31 14.39.02and secondly I want to thank you all for following along on this blog.

Fearing you may still be in a New Years Eve fog, I am keeping this simple. Most of us get confused by changing measurement standards depending on the country of origin of a recipe. I discovered this quick reference image on my Facebook page today. Hope this simplifies things for all you cooks!


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  1. Marshall Johson

    Hello from Prague. I certainly do enjoy your recipes. I have tried many of them, depending on the availability of ingredients. There are still somethings we cannot find in the stores here.
    Can you help? I have a recipe for ginger bread that a Czech friend gave me. Most of the measurement s are in DK (I know that is decagrams) but how can I convert this to something I know. It calls for 40dk flour, 15 dk sugar, 5 dk butter etc. etc. The rest are either a pinch or a dash of things. Do you have any idea?

  2. Happy New Year Marshall! Šťastný nový rok můj příteli!! Hope this year will be another great one for you. We have great memories of the time we spent together in Praha with you. Follow this link to convert decagrams to ounces… Let me know if this doesnt work for you.

  3. This is a keeper, Reg! Happy New Year to you both.

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